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What are purchase-based raffles?

It means that the customer will have to purchase in your store to get a ticket. This is different from “regular” raffles, where customers need to tag/comment on social media posts or purchase a ticket.

The idea of purchase-based raffles is to reward the clients who actually buy in your store and increase their AOV (Average Order Value) higher.

What types of purchase-based raffles do you offer?

When you set up a new raffle, you will choose from 2 types of raffles:

Products Raffle

Order Value Raffle

Products Raffle:

This type of raffle allows you to choose specific products that grant a ticket to your raffle if being purchased.

(Best for promoting a specific product/collection)

Order Value Raffle:

This type of raffle allows you to grant a ticket to customers who purchase higher the specific price you choose.

(Best for increasing AOV)

How will the customers know if they are eligible for a ticket?

With our Pine Raffle widget, of course 😎

The widget will be showing your clients their ticket eligibility status based on the products in their cart.

If the raffle is an Order Value raffle, the customers will also see the balance left to get a ticket and join the raffle. That’s a great way to increase AOV!

How do my customers get the raffle ticket?

Your customer will get an email (which you can easily design in the app or integrate with Klaviyo ). Find more info about notifications here.

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